The new year brings with it a renewed vigour for change in the form of new year’s resolutions. What once had roots with the ancient Babylonians now continues today to mark the need for change once December turns into January. Since the climate crisis is only going to continue in terms of global priority, you might be wondering how you can make green commitments. As approved installers of top brands of EV car charging installations in Stoke and surrounding areas in the UK, we feel qualified to impart some advice on how to behave in an eco-friendlier way this year.

Go Fully Electric

If your budget allows for it, you should consider switching your hybrid vehicle to an electric model. Ultimately, electric beats hybrid when it comes to what’s better for the planet, and it is an investment because electric cars will become the norm in the coming years. Most people own their primary vehicle for around 7-8 years, and in that time, the sale of new petrol vehicles will be banned. That will mean more and more people choose to go fully electric when purchasing a new vehicle and other kinds will become the minority. Public electric car charging installations in Stoke (and elsewhere) are already in place, however you can showcase your green commitment by installing car charging installations at your home premises.

Charge Your Car at Night

Electric cars are cheaper to run than traditional thermal combustion engines, making them a long-term investment despite the cost. Another way to reduce your carbon footprint this 2023 is to charge your vehicle at night or in the early hours of the morning because the demand for electricity is lower at these times. A lower electricity demand equals less strain on the grid and a reduction of the carbon footprint by as much as 20%, according to the findings from a 2021 report.


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