The conversation around electric vehicles has evolved from them being perceived as a luxury item to the realisation that in the coming decades, their usage will be mandatory by law. This will start sooner than most people think as the sale of new petrol vehicles will be banned from 2030 onwards and regulations around workplace vehicle fleets will similarly shift towards a purely electric model. If you already own an electric or hybrid vehicle, having a home-based Stoke EV charging installation on your property will provide many benefits.


Public EV charging point installations will increase in number and proximity in the coming years but relying on public connections is naturally less convenient than charging your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. Simply go about your day without having to take time out for the sole purpose of charging your vehicle. Not only will our expert team install EV charging installations on the most convenient part of your property, but you can also ask about the convenience of remotely monitoring and managing your smart charger from wherever you are.

Easy to Use

Safety features are built-in as standard so you don’t have to worry about handling technology you haven’t used before for the first time, plus the charging will be both wall-mounted and contained within a weatherproof unit so you needn’t worry about unforeseen accidents and can fully relax inside the home.


The 3 main cost reduction benefits are as follows:




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