EV Smart Charging – Biddulph

Partnered with Project EV, Rolec, EO, we are approved installers of innovative electric car charging stations that are top of the range and give you a whole host of benefits. Our team is made up of highly trained electricians who will assess your workplace or home according to your requirements and preferences, providing you with a bespoke installation. The electric car charging solutions in Biddulph and surrounding areas that are installed by EV Smart Charging are cost-effective, eco-friendly and easy-to-use.

If you are looking to install electric car charging stations at your workplace to encourage employee use of electric cars, or to provide a solution for a recent switch to a fleet of electric vehicles, you will gain so much more than you initially set out to attain. In Biddulph, electric car charging solutions placed directly in eyesight of your workplace will promote your brand as green-thinking, modern and future-focused. EV Smart Charging help workplaces and homes to make the switch to electric vehicles as straightforward as possible with their first-rate car charger installations in Biddulph and surrounding areas.

Our team of electricians are registered with NICEIC and CHAS, ensuring our comprehensive installation service meets the professional standards set by the public bodies. The car and electric charger are both connected via the cloud – whether in a workplace or outside a home. When using a public electric car charging station in Biddulph, it is possible to privatise the connection and due to the smart technology being utilised, you will only pay exactly for what you have used. The user has the power of monitor and manage their energy usage directly via a remote device too. Our electric car charging solutions in Biddulph give you the power to make energy conscious decisions either as a workplace manager/director or in regard to personal usage at a residential property.

For energy efficient and fast charging car charger installations in Biddulph and surrounding areas, EV Smart Charging has the eco-friendly solution.