EV Smart Charging – Leek

The electric car charging solutions our expert team install are first-rate and individually tailored to the requirements of the environment. Homes and workplaces across Leek benefit from cost-effective, convenient and easy-to-use car charging stations that are installed by specialists. We are an approved installer of top-rated Project EV, Rolec, EO electric car charging stations with a variety of ranges to choose from. Whether you have a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, our highly experienced electricians will assess your requirements and carry out a bespoke installation. Our electricians are NICEIC and CHAS registered, so the quality of service we offer is of a high standard.

Increase your green credentials and brand reputation simultaneously in just one simple installation. The psychological effect of having an EV smart charging station outside your workplace or home is profound as your commercial or personal brand becomes future-focused, eco-conscious and appealing to our modern mentality. Our electric car charging solutions help to make the switch to electric vehicles easy. The EV car charging solution installations we provide in Leek and surrounding areas can encourage individuals from a given workplace ‘go green’ with an electric vehicle at home. Other workplaces might take inspiration from you and switch their vehicle fleets to electric cars – furthering the overarching goal of combatting climate change by making eco-friendly choices.

The vehicle and charger connect to the cloud via a shared data connection to detect which car is being charged in a public EV smart charging station in Leek. This means the user only pays for what they have used. It is also possible to privatise the connection between the car and the public electric car charging station in use. One of the benefits of our electric car charging stations in Leek, or further afield, is that we offer remote monitoring technology. The user has the ability to manage and survey up-to-date information about the car charging taking place, whether at home or in the workplace.

This smart technology also allows for you to monitor and manage your electric car charging as you have up-to-date, accurate information being communicated with you via a remote device.

For cost-effective and high quality car charger installations in Leek and surrounding areas, EV Smart Charging has the eco-friendly solution.