The future of transport is changing more than ever before with drivers across the world now looking for cleaner and greener modes of transport. Whether they are driving for business or leisure, consumers are veering towards electric vehicles more than ever before, which means that the demand for charging stations in public is increasing day by day. For businesses that serve the public such as retailers, hospitality companies and even transport services, having commercial electric car charging stations installed can help to meet more of the customers’ needs, ultimately benefiting the business – but how?

Additional Revenue

Commercial electric car smart charging stations present an opportunity for businesses to increase their revenue. With a back-office management system available with ROLEC EV chargers, operators can control and manage user tariffs to suit different business requirements. By offering EV charging as an additional service, you can increase revenue through higher tariffs and even adjust them in busy periods to reflect demand, such as on bank holidays, Sunday’s or other periods of the year with high traffic expectations.

Retain Customers

EV drivers are known to be conscious about whether a destination has commercial electric car smart charging stations for them to use. If businesses don’t offer this facility, EV drivers are more likely to visit a competitor that does, as to be able to travel on their return journey in knowledge that their car is adequately charged. Offering visitors charging at a location can help to build a loyal customer base amongst EV owners and is more likely to result in repeat custom, helping to boost sales and increase a brands reputation.

Green Reputation

Installing commercial electric car smart charging stations can help businesses to forge a greener reputation, which is something even none EV drivers look for in companies these days. By having these charging stations, it may also encourage employees and other visitors to consider purchasing an electric vehicle, by demonstrating their convenience and accessibility.

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