Electric vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream both in personal a professional settings. Being greener in our day to day lives is increasingly important and those that take this seriously might be considering making the switch to electric vehicles but are unsure about what the change might mean for them. As electric car charger providers, we’ve created a guide on everything you’ll need so make the switch to electric.

Electric Car Charger

Electric vehicles run on battery power alone and thus, instead of filling up with petrol, car owners will need electric car chargers at home, in order to refuel. While you can initially plug into a traditional 3-pronged socket this is an expensive and inefficient way to charge a vehicle compared to a specifically designed charging dock. After you’ve invested in the vehicle, source a reputable electric car charger installer team who can fit one of these at your home allowing you to take advantage of faster charging and cheaper energy.

Local Charging Points

Vehicles will need to be charged when out and about on the road too, particularly if you are going long distance for any reason. This means you’ll need to locate local charging points and any on the way just in case you need to recharge. There are various apps available to owners which use GPS location services to identify routes with charging points, help to locate the nearest charging stations and provide useful information about how many free ports there are and if there are facilities nearby for food or rest stops.

Workplace Charging

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you will need to charge your car at work, particularly if you commute a distance to and from your workplace. If your company doesn’t currently have an electric car charger, you can of course, plug into sockets if they allow. However, it is worth discussing the benefits of an appropriate electric car charger with your employer, who may be able to take advantage of grants that can help them go greener and provide convenience for electric vehicle owners.