EO Home Charging Solutions

EV Smart Charging is partnered with EO, who provide straightforward yet comprehensive EV charging units for homes and businesses.

The EO home charging range enables you to charge your electric car safely at home. Not only is the range they have developed diverse with different features to meet your needs, but it also allows you to charge your electric car efficiently while you are at home.

Let’s explore the main features and optional extras of the EO Mini, EO Mini Pro 2, and the EO Basic.

EO Mini

The EO Mini is heralded as being for the ‘everyday EV driver’ as it’s the smallest and fastest charger. It has all 3 different plug types available: universal socket, type 1 or type 2 tethered (model dependent). Its stand-out feature is that it is compatible with every type of electric vehicle, and this considers being ready for the future. It can also connect to EO ALM for home power balancing to cleverly avoid overloading your electrical supply as an optional extra power management solution.

eo mini electric car charger

EO Mini Pro 2

Colloquially known as the world’s smallest charger, the EO Mini Pro 2 is both energy and space efficient. The power balancing capability is available with this design, and you have the smart control capability of being able to start, stop and schedule your charging sessions from wherever you are via the app.

If you have solar panels and an environmental focus, you will be pleased to know the EO Mini Pro 2 also has an (optional) extra feature of enabling you to charge your car using our solar matching function.

eo mini pro 2 car charger

EO Basic

The EO Basic is a whopping 8 times faster than a standard socket with its high-speed charging capabilities as it can charge up to 22kW. This straightforward design comes in a classic black or white with full capability for all plug-in vehicles of any brand. Plus, if any future upgrades arise there is a black plate mounted to account for both this develop and quick deployment. Power balancing is also available as an optional extra feature, with a locking socket available if you want to prevent other vehicles from using your charger.

eo basic electric car charger

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