Project EV AC Chargers

Project EV AC Chargers

Tested to European Standards and with OCPP v1.6 open charge point protocol; Project EV are committed to providing only the most cutting-edge electric vehicle charging points.

EV Smart Charging is partnered with Project EV, who supply AC Chargers units for homes and businesses.

DC models are also available, but we have dedicated this page to discussing their AC charger’s range.

There are 4 types to choose from: the 7.3kw range, 22kw range, dual wall range, and the dual floor range to give your maximum variety, for the full bespoke experience. The more choice you have, the more empowered you are with how you can charge your electric vehicle.

Which environments are they all suited to?

The 7.3kW charging range and 22kW charging range are both ideal for domestic charging use. The 7.3kW is a collection of single-phase AC electric vehicle chargers whereas the 22kW range is an assembly of three-phase chargers.

The all-black pro earth dual wall charging range is suited to both commercial and domestic use: a collection of minimalistic, all black AC electric vehicle chargers

If it’s commercial use you are looking for, the floor standing, Project EV dual-gun units are suited to providing this on a small-scale.

Project EV 7kW DC charging point

What do they have in common?

Project EV have a cable lock system that allows you to lock your originally untethered cable to your charge point and vehicle to give you full control and maximum security.

Plus, all Project EV AC Chargers carry an IP65 protection rating to signify their protection from water spray, condensation, low-pressure water jets (from any direction) and even dust particles. 

Onboard RCBO isolation comes as standard to give you full electrical protection. As you can tell, taking care of your car charging station is top priority for Project EV, who provide built-in measures to aid the process of preserving your top-quality product.

All project EV installations are compact in design and come with smart apps and there are a range of charging accessories you can choose from too.

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