A debate always arises around whether ‘convenience culture’ is good for us whenever there is significant discussion around people investing in convenient products of services. At EV Smart Charging, we are proud to say our EV fast smart charge solutions are quickly installed, easy-to-use and take less time to charge than a standard charger. That’s because we know how fast-paced modern life is and have created an easy way to streamline charging your electric vehicle to accommodate your home or work life.

New wage pop singer Gary Numan once asked, ‘are friends electric?’ when thinking of how future technology will shape the world and our interactions. The idea in the 20th century was that technological advancements might create a world in which people were more isolated from each other, without ever picturing that perhaps this technology would be used to bring people together. The widespread usage of the internet was the first clue that technology would be used for connectivity as opposed to creating feelings of alienation, as we all stay connected through remote devices in our modern world.

Remote devices can be used to monitor and manage the usage of the EV fast smart charge solutions you have installed at your home or workplace. This allows you greater control over the technology at your doorstep, plus it creates a more convenient way of monitoring your green vehicles.

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