In the UK, over 90% of electric vehicle charging is done at home, which just so happens to be the cheapest and the most convenient way of re-juicing the batteries, with a specially formulate EV charging stations. The UK’s charging network is better than ever and is constantly improving with more and more supermarkets, petrol stations and workplaces offering EV charging stations on their premises.

How to Charge at Home

Charging electric vehicles at home, typically occurs in two ways known as slow charging and fast charging. Slow charging involved plugging your electric vehicle charger into a regular 3-pin plug socket which gives a maximum charge speed of 3kW per hour which would typically charge a model like the Volkswagen e-Golf in 12 hours. The other option is fast charging, using specially designed EV charging stations which can replenish battery life at between 7 and 22kW per hour which could charge the same vehicle, from flat to full in just 5 hours. Alternatively, if you’re on the go you’ll be able to find what is known as rapid charging points, which offer 50kW per hour and could charge the same car in just 40 minutes!

How Does it Cost?

Charging at home is usually the cheapest option and now with the introduction of energy tariffs aimed specifically at electric vehicle owners making energy cheaper, it’s more cost effective than ever. There is an initial cost to install EV charging stations in the home, which varies in-between providers, but after this, the price to charge the same Volkswagen e-Golf, for 5 hours can cost as little as £1.75 for a full charge, resulting in 125 miles real world range. Compare this to a petrol car doing the same distance, and the cost would be insurmountable higher!

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