Electric Car Charging at Home

Owning an electric car is a progressive and future proof step towards reducing carbon footprints, being more environmentally friendly and decreasing fuel costs.

Regardless of whether your vehicle is fully electric or a hybrid model, it is essential that to have a home car charging point installed, allowing for quick and easy battery charging when you are at home. Using a standard 3 pin plug with EVSE cable is not recommend and should be a last resort, as this process puts a lot of pressure on the home network and increases the risk of an electrical fire.

Electric car charging at home can be conducted safely and effectively with the installation of Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. These chargers are safer as they are specifically designed for their purpose and ensure that extra strain is not present on the home network by providing the correct level of voltage necessary. Additionally, smart charging stations for the home are able to charge a vehicle much more rapidly than a three-pronged plug, allowing for more efficient energy usage and reduced time waiting for full power.


Smart features of the Home EV Chargers we install make charging simple and convenient, as they are cloud connected. This allows users to check battery levels, view other places where smart charging is available and monitor vehicle health, all from a smart device.

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EV Smart Solution’s home charging stations are designed to the unique demands of every home so that they can fit seamlessly into your existing electrical network without putting unnecessary strain onto it. Our team of ROLEC, Project EV and EO approved engineers install home EV charging points in easily accessible locations around the home ensuring they are simple to use but not obtrusive to the overall appearance of the exterior.
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Using a dedicated home EV car charging point is as easy as using any other plug in the home; simply plug into the car and leave to charge for the designated period required for your make and model. All of the charging points installed by EV Smart Charging have built-in safety features as standard and offers much quicker charging than traditional three-pin plugs. Encased in a weatherproof unit and wall-mounted, the charging points are ideally placed for at-home charging as soon as you arrive home.
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As well as benefiting from reduced fuel costs, owners of electric vehicles can take advantage of many other financial benefits. As of the 1st April 2020, EV owners are entitled to a government OLEV grant to cover some of their home charging point installation costs. Home car charging points are also ideal for those who are concerned about their energy consumption, as they only use electricity when plugged in, meaning you’re only billed for what is used. Additionally, homeowners can charge vehicles overnight which is both convenient and allows them to take advantage of cheaper energy rates.