Hypervolt Alpha: Work EV Smart Charger

The Hypervolt Alpha workplace ev smart charging system is ultrafast and designed to get you back on the road as soon as possible. This unit can be installed with one or two charging points depending on your requirements and comes with automated load management. Pay only for what you choose with a system that automatically taps into the cheapest energy tariffs. Contactless payment accepted, charge with a tap with help from EV Smart Charging.

Smart & Intuitive Design

The integrated ANPR system is an AI that enables you to track footfall, as well as prevent ICEing and charger overuse. As a trusted partner of EV Smart Charging, we are excited to install these sleek, high-performance charging systems for electric vehicles at the workplace.

EV Smart Charging

Contact the team at EV Smart Charging today to discuss this work ev smart charging installation. For the Hypervolt Alpha, call 01782 595600 or email contact@evsmartcharging.co.uk now.