Although many of us have reduced the amount of time we spend in vehicles as a result of lockdown, a good portion of us have also been reflecting on how we might improve our lives once restrictions are lifted. One of the key focus points for many have been surrounding greener choices, after seeing the effect that reduced transport has had on pollution levels, smog and greenhouse gas emissions. If you’re toying with the idea of investing in an electric car and charger, then now is the ideal time to buy.

Make Short Journeys Easier

Travelling short journeys in electric cars is simple and easy without the need to plug into an electric car charger. This makes them ideal for the eventual return to work as they can easily complete the commuting distance and the return on a single charge. For most, this daily journey is under an hour-long making electric vehicles well suited to them, however, if your commute involves travelling from London to Edinburgh, then you will have to stop and charge along the way.

No Public Transport

One of the key hotspots for the spreading of the virus has been noted as being public transport and so many people are wary of returning to using buses and trains once the restrictions are lifted. As these traditional methods of transport tend to be more environmentally friendly, particularly in cities, they are appealing to those who want to reduce their footprint. However, many cities now are also encouraging electric vehicles by installing electric car chargers in convenient locations, so if you’re still looking for a transport method that is convenient, safe from germs and low in emissions, then investing in an EV might be the best solution.

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