Making EV Charging in Stoke Easier

Across the country, workplaces and households are increasingly making pledges to use more green energy and become less reliant on fossil fuels. With the government announcing the plan to phase out all new petrol cars by 2030, electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent on the roads, leading to an increase in the need for quality EV charging stations. Here at EV Smart Charging Solutions, we are committed to helping both individuals and companies in the Stoke area reduce their carbon footprints by installing advanced electric car charging points that ease the switch from petrol to electric vehicles.

How we Help Local Workplaces

We firmly believe that re-charging an electric vehicle should not be any less convenient than filling up a traditional petrol or diesel car, no matter your location in the country. EV Smart Charging can help your workplaces – whether in the Stoke area or surrounding – to become part of the climate change solution by easing the process of changing the fleet of your vehicles. With our high-quality ROLEC, Project EV and EO car charging stations, we can provide a cost-effective, quick charging and bespoke solution that meets the demands of your workplace in Stoke. As well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your workplace, having a smart charging option can make working at your premises much more attractive to future employees with a climate conscious attitude.

Considering a Personal EV?

In addition to working with workplaces, we can also offer safe and rapid at-home charging installations all around the Stoke area for your personal electric or hybrid model of vehicle. Our experienced engineers ensure that when connecting your smart Home EV Charger, the correct level of voltage is provided, making it much safer than the use of a traditional three-pronged plug for charging. Additionally, the cloud connectivity of our advanced charging systems mean that you can easily connect up your smartphone in order to check battery levels and monitor your vehicle’s health – all from the convenience of your own home.

Work place Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Invest in the Future of Our Planet

For more information about our charging installations for your household or workplace, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the EV Smart Charging team on 01782 595600 or