EV Smart Charging works with several partners to provide electric vehicle charging stations that are matched to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our team have many years of experience as electricians and are accredited installers of ROLEC, PROJECT EV and EO car charging points for commercial and residential customers alike.
Whether you’re looking for a simple plug and go option for your home so that you can charge your EV efficiently on your own time, or you require an entire fleet charging solution or something you can charge the public for at a business location, we make sure to use only the very best EV charging point, partners.


The ROLEC EV charging points we provide are vast and varied, with installations for homes, businesses and commercial outlets all available. These superfast, smart-enabled charging points allow businesses to take advantage of government funding and homeowners to utilise cheaper energy tariffs, as well as providing simple, easy to use car charging with analytics and insight via the cloud.

Project EV

Project EV electric car charging points are available as AC or DC models dependent on the needs of the installation. All project EV installations come with full electrical and temperature protection and feature compact design and smart apps for use in even small areas. Tested to European Standards and with OCPP v1.6 open charge point protocol, they are a reliable and efficient way to charge electric vehicles.


EO pride itself on creating small, safe and smart electric car charging points which are available in four colours. These futuristic charging stations can even be wired up to a building’s solar panels, drawing on renewable energy to charge the vehicles plugged into them. They are available for a wide range of applications including home use and commercial use and can be installed quickly and efficiently by our team.

For more information about the electric car charging points we install, call us on 01782 595600.