Planning any sort of road trip can be challenging but adding an EV into the equation can make the process more daunting with charging to consider, but it doesn’t have to be! Our EV smart charge solutions installers are on hand and have created a guide on planning the ultimate EV road trip. Follow our tips and you need not worry about travelling long distances in an electric vehicle ever again.


The distance travelled is usually the key source of stress when it comes to an EV road trip and so this should be carefully assessed before leaving. Consider the distance between each charging opportunity so that you are less likely to run out of electrons at any point in the journey. EV Smart Charge Solutions recommend you plan your journey with a good amount of pit stops where you can recharge, even if your EV isn’t empty.


Even if you manage to charge throughout the day at supermarkets and petrol stations, it can be sensible to charge overnight when you reach your destination. If you’re going to be staying in hotels or accommodation, then consider booking only those that have EV charging points so that you can sleep easy knowing your vehicle will be full for the next day.

Check Local

If you are travelling somewhere nee, our EV smart charge solutions experts recommend checking out the local network. If you are already using smart chargers, you will be able to login to your app and check out the nearest charge points to your destination, otherwise a quick internet search should tell you.