As people retreated to their homes, offices were closed and cars were left lifeless during the first lockdown, one of the most noticeable differences was in the hugely reduced air pollution across the world. Research from the Centre for Cities think tank showed that levels of NO2 dropped by 28% in the first lockdown but have since actively increased and exceeded the pre-pandemic levels in around 80% of places. This information is encouraging Councils across the UK to introduce clean air zones and making the case for EVs and car charging stations to be rolled out.

Where Has Air Pollution Rebounded

There are a few specific areas in the UK that have seen the highest increase in air pollution and people in these areas should be more seriously considering the benefits of EV’s and car charging stations for personal and professional use. Bristol, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Bradford, Swansea, Swindon, Nottingham, Southend, Exeter and Barnsley are the top 10 locations that have seen the most dramatic and detrimental increases since the middle of 2020.

Businesses Role

Even if post pandemic working is set to continue, there is not evidenced to suggest that this will dramatically reduce air pollution again. It is estimated that more than half of people in London worked from home at the peak of the pandemic, yet the NO2 levels in the capital have still returned to near pre-March levels. If your business wants to contribute more to the reduction of air pollution and is currently seeing staff come into work or travel as part of their role, then an EV car scheme can help you to minimise you overall footprint and in time, reduce emissions that your company is responsible for. Our car charging stations can be installed at any commercial location and businesses can take advantage of reduced energy rates for installing them.

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