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We all know about the impact climate change is having on our society. One way for us to tackle this on an individual or even company level, is to make the switch to electric vehicles. EVs have zero harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) tailpipe emissions. This switch comes with its own carbon-light concerns of course, like the matter of EV Smart Charging Solutions. Luckily, we have you covered.

EV Smart Charging Stations

EV Smart Charging is the next step in creating a smooth and reliable solution to the problem of charging electric vehicles. When you plug into one of our system it will detect exactly which car has been attached and which account needs to be billed for the precise amount. Being attached to the cloud, our system allows users to monitor, manage, enable and restrict use of their devices remotely, which optimises energy consumption and helps towards a greener world.

Bespoke Design

At EV Smart Charging, we are able to offer bespoke designs for home and businesses, as we understand that every business is different. Whether you want to shout about your EV Smart Charging Solutions, or ensure it is as discreet and unobstructive as possible, our design team can work to the required specifications. Keep your carbon footprint low without compromising style.


Our WallPod is a stylish and intuitive charging station for homes. With totally secure communication technology, along with GPRS connectivity, offering analytics and insights, you have complete control of your energy usage, keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

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