BASICCHARGE:EV - Workplace EV Charging

EV Smart Charging are accredited ROLEC installers and provide a selection of their workplace EV Charging points. The BASICCHARGE:EV work EV charging points are available as low cost of free to charge pedestals, or with OCPP back office compatibility for those that wish to charge users of the installation. This tower like charging point replicates Rolec’s world leading Classic Utility Pedestal which is simple and effortless to use for all EV chargers.

With LED amenity lighting, the charging points provide a unique aesthetic and allow for greater visibility, making them ideal for locations where charging in the dark may be necessary. Compatible with all EVs/PHEVs the BASICCHARGE: EV provides Mode 3 fast charging in 3.5kW and 7.2kW options. They are also available in super fast models that provide 11kW and 22kW speeds.


These workplace charging points have a variety of features that make them ideal for a wide range of commercial environments. With the option to offer free charging, they’re great for companies that want to charge their fleet of vehicles at the convenience of their locations, or alternatively, for those that want to generate revenue, they are superb in public spaces like car parks, retail parks or petrol stations. The high impact resistant aluminium composite outer shell makes them robust against both the elements and potential vandalism, meaning you can install them in high traffic areas without worrying about them getting easily damaged.

Installed by our expert electricians, all BASICCHARGE: EV charging points are positioned with the companies goals in mind and installed using the safest methods by our qualified and experienced team.

Cleaner, Greener Charging

Businesses have a lot of responsibility placed on them to encourage greener working practices, minimise emissions and be kind to the environment and by installing workplace EV charging points, businesses can fulfil this easily. Not only does it encourage staff at the company to travel in electric vehicles, having publicly accessible EV charging points helps businesses to show their customer base and beyond that they take greener energy seriously, which can put them head and shoulders above their competitors.

Our workplace EV Charging points are also grant fundable, allowing businesses to take advantage of government schemes that can help to fund the installation of these charging points. With dedicated ROLEC account managers, nationwide maintenance and bespoke charge point branding available, the BASICCHARGE: EV is a solution that can give back to businesses.

Available in a wide range of shell colours and fixture shades, the BASICCHARGE: EV can be customised to suit the environment it is to be installed at and can carry company names, branding and  logos, allowing for greater brand awareness and workplace cohesiveness.