If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle or perhaps already own one, an EV smart charge station is the next logical investment. Although you may be coping well with charging your vehicle at public destinations, at your workplace or using a domestic plug socket, smart EV charging is much more efficient and straightforward than you might think. With most charging at home taking place in off-peak hours, opting for a home charging point, you can take advantage of cheaper tariffs and convenient, on-demand charging.


We know the importance of the aesthetic appeal of products, particularly when they are on a home’s exterior for all to see, and we think the ROLEC WallPod EV smart charge stations are much more attractive than a long cable winding through doors, windows and down the drive. Not to mention, these installations are available in a variety of colours to suit your tastes and ensure that they match with your home’s exterior with anthracite grey, black, terracotta and white all available. Aside from being nice to look at, the smart stations are also available in 2 charging speeds with 3.6kW and 7.2kW options as well as tethered and untethered versions!

Stay In Control

One of the main advantages over charging with a traditional plug socket is the EV smart charge stations allow you greater control over your charging. With an app linked up to the station, you can simply recharge your vehicle at the touch of a button, set up scheduling, set a time by which you want to be fully charged and get real-time reports and monitoring on the battery health. Providing custom information digitally, these charging ports can also give you greater control over your energy consumption and spending making for a greener, more conscientious EV driver.

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