For businesses that operate fleets of vehicles, making the switch to electric can seem like a big leap, but it is extremely necessary for those who want to keep up with society and their competitors. Consumers now place a greater emphasis than ever before on the green credentials of companies and that precedent is only set to get higher. Here’s what to do to switch your fleet to electric.

  1. Look at Whole Life Costs

While switching to electric vehicles and installing workplace EV charging stations can be expensive upfront, the cost of running electric vehicles over long periods of time is much lower than petrol, diesel or hybrid versions, and so take that into account when considering the cost benefit.

  1. Carry Out a Fleet Review

Consider what your vehicles will be used for, how many workplace EV charging stations would be needed, how long vehicles would be travelling for and the current running costs. Typically, electric cars can travel between 150 – 300 miles on a full charge and so weather they travel hundreds of miles per week or just potter around, there is usually something for all needs.

  1. Review and Test Drive

Ensure that any new electric vehicles you are considering are fit for purpose and will prove cost effective in the long run. Always test drive the vehicles to ensure you are happy with how they run and operate.

  1. Implement Workplace EV Charging Stations

Once you’ve made a purchase of a vehicle, it’s vital that you install workplace EV charging stations so that you can take advantage of the cost effectiveness and convenience of charging in the office.

  1. Check You Tariff

Energy providers are offering special tariffs for businesses and individuals that use electric vehicles and can offer cheap, off peak electricity to them, so weigh up your options for even more cost saving.