Work place Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Our EV Smart Charging stations are universal and being fully versatile are suitable for all types of electric vehicle, able to scale up to meet any increase in demand. Whether you need to install charging stations at home or in the workplace, our EV Smart Charging Solution.

Home EV

Our Home EV Smart Charging solutions are tailored to the requirements of each one of our customers on a case-to-case basis, ensuring you will never need to worry about any unnecessary strain on household electricity. Likewise, your EV charging station will be as unobtrusive to the overall appearance of your exterior as possible, for example there is our WallPod which is a stylish and intuitive choice. Electric vehicle owners are also able to take advantage of the government OLEV scheme to cover some of their charging costs.

Work EV

We know how important it is for workplaces to be able to offer charging for electric vehicles. Don’t worry about eyesores, we understand that each business is different and that’s why we are able to offer bespoke designs that meet your needs and are as cost effective as possible.

Fulfil your responsibility to lead by example and install our workplace EV charging solution to bolster your reputation as a green, more conscientious business and employer.

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