Since electric vehicles are set to become the norm by the time we reach the next decade, savvy businesses will want to think about installing workplace electric car smart charge solutions and switching their vehicle fleets to electric, where necessary.

Green Focus

The impetus to act in more environmentally responsible ways will increase as new laws are introduced that make green ways of working a priority. Given how heavily petrol and diesel car emissions contribute towards polluting the planet, company vehicles will be a part of the mandatory green laws.

Invest in the Future

Studies already show companies with an eco-friendly focus are more attractive to work for in our more climate-savvy society, with younger generations especially holding this factor in high regard due to their social status and genuine concern for their future. Since the younger generation will be buying their first cars in the coming decades, a growing number of these are likely to be electric. The need to have workplace electric car smart charge solutions in place to accommodate your employees will accelerate in necessity very quickly, so we recommend acting now.

Your Status

Status-wise, having electric vehicles parked outside your business will elevate your reputation in terms of green credentials and being a technologically savvy company who is a part of the future. Not only will you attract a valuable number of young employees who see a future with your business, but you will also be seen as a modern company moving in the right direction, no matter how many years you have been operating for.

EV Smart Charging

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