There are several options available to you when it comes to commercial electric car smart charging stations. This is in part because we work with numerous partners (Rolec, Project EV and EO) to match your specific needs and requirements. The experience and expertise of our engineers enables them to provide the most cost-effective and tailored service to your workplace, whether you are a small office or a large retail park.

The UK Government are a part of a pact to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and with this date increasingly looming closer, the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from 2030 onwards. This is only 8 years away and puts the UK in pole position with regards to decarbonise cars and vans. If you want to protect your brand’s reputation, you need to think about installing commercial electric car smart charging stations on your premises so you can showcase your green practices and project an image of a modern workplace.

A bigger step that will become inevitable in the upcoming years is also switching your vehicle fleets to electric vehicles. Not only can employees who individually use hybrid or electric cars then charge their car whilst they work, but all employees will be empowered with accurate and fast charging solutions. If you switch to an electric fleet without having the right number of commercial electric car smart charging stations in place, you will fall short of expectations. Fortunately, our highly qualified engineers will assess the best place for installations and advise on everything from the number of smart charging stations you need to any other aspect of our EV smart charging service.

The forward-thinking installation of commercial electric car smart charging stations is comparable to a wholesale purchase in terms of the time and money you save when you make a business decision you will have to make at a later stage. We give you the power of monitor information of how and when your smart charging stations are being used too so you can continue to make choices based on your needs and requirements.

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