In 2020 there were approximately 108,205 new electric vehicles registered in the UK with that number set to rise by an additional 200,000 in 2021 thanks to a combination of legislation and incentives. Of course, with more battery-operated vehicles on the road the increase in demand for smart charge stations for EV is also set for a boost and our team are ready and waiting to provide them.

Why Will There Be an Increase?

Year on year, electric vehicles in the UK have been increasing with more people looking to make the environmental choice, partly due to the fact that smart charge stations for EV’s are more readily available. Where concerns once were about travelling long distances without being able to stop to charge, now many service stations, petrol stations, supermarkets and even car parks have charging stations installed, making electric vehicles more accessible than ever before. With an expanding network of chargers comes an expanding network of vehicles and vice versa.

Additionally, the UK government’s recent announcement that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will end by 2030 and plug-in hybrids by 2035 has already focussed people on making the switch. With financial incentives for making the switch in 2021 will also remain with just 1% Benefit in Kind (BIK) company car tax from April 2021 for 12 months. With ever growing environmental awareness and local air quality reviews, electric vehicles are being pushed by lobbying groups, influencers and the mainstream media and the fact that people tend to report a preference for the EV driving experience, there is reinforcement for these cars everywhere, which is also likely to be responsible for their uptake.

If you are looking into an electric vehicle or already have one but would like to invest in an EV Smart Charge Station, contact us today.