Getting an electric vehicle is a big step and regardless of whether you’ve already taken the plunge or are sitting on the fence, there’s so much being written about EV’s that can throw your decision into question. As installers of electric car charging stations, we’ve collated the top misconceptions surrounding low emissions vehicles so you can rest assured they’re the best option in fighting climate change.

  1. EVs Don’t Have Enough Range

While it’s true that the batteries in electric vehicles can’t go as long between charges as regular cars can between fuelling, electric vehicles have the opportunity to charge wherever they go. Whether at home, in shopping centres and even at regular petrol stations, electric car charging stations are readily available; meaning that drivers can recharge while they go about their business, giving them enough charge to make their journeys and then some!

  1. EVs Take Too Long Too Charge

Electric car charging only takes a few seconds from the time it takes to plug in before the driver goes to do something else. Even traditional vehicles spend 90% of the time parked up and while EVs are stationary they’re charging too. Studies show that EV drivers actually stay parked for up to 50% longer than is necessary to get a full charge.

  1. There Isn’t Any EV Charging Near Me

Wrong again! Electric car charging stations can be found all over the UK in places such as supermarkets, shopping centres, petrol stations, schools and even offices! It only takes a quick internet search to find the nearest charging point available and they are becoming more and more accessible every day as more public places opt to install them. What’s more, we can install electric car charging stations in homes, so you can charge while you sleep overnight.