WallPod Home EV Charging

EV Smart Charging are accredited ROLEC installers and provide their home car charging points, the WallPod. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, these electric vehicle charging points can give you greater control over vehicle charging, allowing you to manage activity and monitor

battery health, all from a smart-enabled device. The WallPod home car charging points are compatible with all EV/PHEV models and can be linked to the free EV.energy app, allowing for seamless interaction with both the car and charging station. The WallPod is available as a socketed installation or a tethered installation based on the tethered options available as 3.6kW or 7.2kW options.

Why WallPod?

These home car charging points offer many advantages over domestic electric plug charging and has a variety of features that make charging efficient, safe and effective. Every installation has a 3-year warranty included for Free and is Safety in The Home Certified, IP Rated and UV Stabilized so you can rest assured that it is weatherproof and safe for exterior installation. All ROLEC charging stations are manufactured in the UK and held to extremely high standards, resulting in a quality product that goes above and beyond expectation.

Installed by our experienced electricians who have worked extensively with residential, commercial and industrial clients, they are installed carefully, safely and by electricians with their own safety accreditations and high-level qualifications.

Stylish and Intuitive

One of the most important consideration when having home car charging points installed at a residential property is the way they will look once fitted. As they are located on the exterior of buildings, they need to be neat, tidy and unobtrusive to the overall house aesthetic and the ROLEC WallPod system is exactly that. Available in a wide range of colours from muted monochrome or bold and bright primary colours, they are stylish and can fit with almost any appearance.

Their design excellence is also apparent through their intuitive features such as a GPRS SIM card which automatically and securely connect over the mobile phone network to a smart charging back-office platform. The home car charging point also automatically captures off-peak rates and instantly integrates into any home energy tariff for ultimate convenience and money-saving.

The WallPod system has totally secure communications, GPRS connectivity, kWh metering and offers analytics and insights with exportable charging data allowing total control over energy consumption and charging of electric vehicles.